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Latest Jensen Ackles Interview & Info : Jared Padalecki’s No Longer Single {Series Mag #56 - French Magazine}

March 3, 2009, 11:55 am

First off… Short Text Column In The Magazine :

During the premiere of Jared Padalecki’s latest movie “Friday 13th”, Jared wasn’t alone, Genevieve Cortese was on his arm, since he broke up with Sandra MCcoy, it seems like Jared comforted himself in the arms of the beautiful brunnette with who he has shot some serious “Smoking Hot” Sex Scenes in the season 04 !

Interview Translated In English By JEN THE ADMIN of the SHA Weblog if you feel like using it, just give us the credit ;) :

At the end of the season 03, Dean is sent to Hell… How will the season 04 start ?!:

Jensen: I thought we would see Dean in Hell, but Eric has chosen to start the season 04 when Dean fights his way outta of his own grave - litteraly - I think we don’t see what happened in Hell only because of the budget of the show that’ve been slashed down last season. (laugh)


And what happens to Dean this year ?!:

Jensen:  Well Eric announced us that the beginning of that fourth season would be just HUGE. And Jared & I, we both filmed a movie during the summer we were definitely tired. We were hoping not to be in every single scene in the first episodes of the season 04. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened, especially for me. Eric told me that Dean would be really important in the myth-arc of the show in this season, and before that, it was Sam that was directly concerned by the tricks of the YED and Dean was just trying to save his brother. But now Dean has been taken outta hell and he became the “Endgame” Of some forces that are completly unknown to him. So to summarize, it means that I have to shoot a lot more scenes ! While we were filming the season premiere, Jared had 4 days-off ! It’s more than I’ve ever had in ‘One’ Complete season.

How do you explain the fact that, this season is more focussed on your character than it ever been ? :
Jensen:  Eric told me that Dean became a character that’s no longer here only to save Sam from incredible situations, he’s got his own fights, and he’s trying to understand why he came back from the dead, and what’s his destiny…

Do you think that season will be last ? - Interview made before the announcement of the renewals from the CW - :

Jensen: No, even if the renewal is not official yet, the audience’s really good ! In a year we won a million more of viewers. Eric thought that the season 04 would be the last one so he wrote it in that way, and now he’s pulling his hair off his head wondering about what he’s gonna write if there’s a season 05 ! (Laugh) Personnaly, I think that 05 years would be great for our show, I wouldn’t think the same thing if I was shooting on the “Lost” Set at Hawaii with 30 actors and 02 days a week of shooting ! (Laugh) But for Supernatural, in 05 years we would have locked the loop, and answered some questions that are torturing our fans since the very beginning of the show. I would hate it if the public would start to find the episodes boring so I really want the show to end up on a big success, meaning : In a year…

Do you write some scenarios of your own on the set of Supernatural ?:

  Not really but the writers are doing a great job anyway. I know that they get their inspiration by watching Jared & I in the real life, to write their lines. And that’s great to be associated - in that way - to the creation processus of that show.

We saw you driving a mini motor bike on the set, is it a new gadget or something ? :

Jensen:  Yes, it’s because of our sound director, he uses it to go from a spot in the set to another place in the studio, he’s driving that thing between our trailers so Jared & I wanted to buy some too. That’s great, you put in on the sector during an hour and it works during 05 hours long, it can speed up to 12 miles/h ! We’re often making races with Jared but I win each time cause he’s too heavy to quickly roll on one mimi motor bike ! (laugh)

Are you scared of something ?

Jensen : Yes, the spiders, but the ones who scare me the most are the ones that I can’t see. Last night I was in my bed and then I saw a spider coming out from under my cover and it started to walk on the pillow right next to me ! I catched it, threw it on the floor, and killed it ! I don’t like those, but when I see one and that I killed it at least I know where it is, instead of the ones that could still be hiding somewhere right next to me and that I can’t see ! (Laugh)


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